High Point Schools

High Point Schools

The High Point Elementary and Adolescent Schools are Department of Education approved private, non-profit schools serving students K -12, ages 5 through 21, who learn best outside the traditional school setting. Our students often experience: anxiety, depression, mood disorders, behavioral and attention difficulties, developmental and learning disabilities as well as other psychiatric disorders.

High Point Schools combine a comprehensive academic curriculum with evidence based positive behavior supports and a wide array of therapeutic services to promote a positive and effective learning environment.

Our team of psychiatrists, nurses, licensed clinical social workers and crisis intervention specialists create a safe environment for students. A comprehensive clinical program including medication management, individual and group therapy, as well as speech and occupational therapy, is offered for each student based on their individual needs.

The staff to student ratio is 1 teaching staff to 3 students. Class sizes are limited to 12.. Our 1:3 staff to student ratio means each child's individual educational plan is thoughtfully carried out.

The schools also offer an extended school year program as well as multiple pre-vocational opportunities. 

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