High Point Schools

High Point Schools

The High Point Elementary and Adolescent Schools located on the High Point Campus in Morganville, NJ, are Department of Education approved private, non-profit schools serving students K -12, ages 5 through 21, who learn best outside the traditional school setting. Our students often struggle with: anxiety, depression, mood disorders, behavioral difficulties, developmental and learning disabilities as well as other psychiatric disorders.

For over 40 years, High Point Schools have provided a comprehensive and caring approach to education, connecting with students and families on every level to encourage achievement. There is an expectation on the part of faculty and staff that every student will experience success academically, emotionally, behaviorally and socially, all while promoting a healthy lifestyle and planning for a successful transition to the work force or to a continued education in a college or vocational setting.

High Point Schools combine a comprehensive academic curriculum with evidence based positive behavior supports and a wide array of therapeutic services to promote a positive and effective learning environment. The course of study at both the elementary and adolescent schools follows an individual education plan (IEP) and is designed to meet the particular needs of each student and assist him or her in achieving their highest potential. We believe every student should learn in the least restrictive environment possible.

A collaborative team of teachers, social workers, psychiatrists and speech and occupational therapists review and monitor each child's academic progress in an integrated team approach always balancing the student's need to learn in this specialized environment with the benefits of returning to their school district. A comprehensive clinical program including assistance with medication management during school hours as well as speech and occupational therapy, set the High Point Schools experience apart from similar, peer special education options.

High Point faculty routinely incorporate learning tools such as iPads and smart boards in both the elementary and adolescent curricula. Students with learning differences often acquire new knowledge and skills more easily and integrate that learning more completely by the thoughtful use of technology. Nationally, best-practices for special education offer instructors rich options to enhance learning for special needs students' options that High Point is using. This puts High Point students at a learning advantage as teachers can access the most advanced teaching methods available.

The staff to student ratio is 1 teaching staff to 3 students. Class sizes are limited to 12, although some classes have fewer students. Our 1:3 staff to student ratio means each child's individual educational plan is thoughtfully carried out with expertise and purpose.

The schools also offer an extended school year program as well as multiple pre-vocational opportunities. A sports program provides adolescents with the opportunity to participate in team and individual athletic skills building and accomplishments. Students who graduate High Point Adolescent School receive a State endorsed High School Diploma.