Intensive Outpatient Program for Children

Intensive Outpatient Program-Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends is an intensive, after school outpatient program, for children aged 7-12 years old who have been identified by family, school or other community health providers as experiencing serious difficulties at home, in school or in other community settings.

Intensive Outpatient Program – Circle of FriendsThe program’s goal is to teach children a new set of skills to help them lead a more productive life at home, at school and in the community.

Children attend three or four hours each day for up to three weekly sessions which includes individual, group and family sessions. All children are evaluated by a child psychiatrist and medication monitoring is available as needed. Other forms of treatment, including art therapy, social skills training, coping skills, anger management, and others are provided for children based on their individual needs.

Referrals to this program include children with ADHD, mood disorders, OCD, oppositional defiant disorder and trauma, among others.

Snacks and program supplies are provided. Transportation from school to the program and as necessary, from the program to home, is provided by CPC to ensure that children who could otherwise not access the program can benefit from Circle of Friends’ services.

The Circle of Friends Program is located on the High Point Schools campus in Morganville which allows them the use of the recreational facilities there.  The program runs after school during the school year and during the day over the summer months.