About Us

About Us

CPC began providing mental health services as a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization for Monmouth County residents in 1960. This was in response to the advocacy of a group of parents who were not able to access the type or level of treatment services necessary for their children with serious emotional and developmental disorders. CPC, along with that group of concerned citizens, was able to procure funding from the State and County to provide those services at low or no cost to Monmouth County families. Over the next decade, in a continued response to the needs of residents, CPC added mental health and substance abuse treatment for serious and persistently mentally ill adults to its array of services.

The guiding principles then and now were to be responsive to the needs of the communities we serve with an emphasis on the needs of the most vulnerable and those who may not be able to pay for the full cost of services, first, in the planning and implementation of our services. In order to provide the best services possible and ensure those “at risk” of falling through the cracks have a safety net as well as to reduce the need for inappropriate and costly use of emergency services, frequent inpatient hospitalizations or worse, incarceration for crimes committed because their mental health needs have not been addressed, CPC developed systems of care for children and adults to attain those goals as well as to support those citizens in their desire to live the best life possible in the least restrictive setting within their families and communities.

CPC’s mission is, To serve our communities by delivering evidence-based services in mental health, substance abuse, special education and physical health through an integrated system of care designed to promote wellness, recovery and productive lives.

The Agency offers treatment at varied times during the day and evening to help mitigate barriers to access faced by people with non-standard schedules. CPC is committed to the proactive hiring and training of staff with diverse backgrounds, and strives to deliver services in a culturally competent and sensitive manner.

CPC Behavioral Healthcare is accredited by the Joint Commission, reflecting a commitment to the highest standards of care.